Discover the Secret Power of Fluorite Elixirs

FREE* Live Online Workshop

with Sarah Thomas, LAc
of the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine


Wednesday, April 21st at 7pm ET / 4pm PT

*Live attendees receive the workshop for free!

If you're a healer, herbalist, or lover of

stone medicine, this workshop is for you.


Purifications are increasing for all of us.

They are a part of our awakening process.


Like a crystal, we are becoming transparent to the Light.

Stone medicine is emerging as our ally in this process.


Fluorite is a key mineral for igniting deep purifications
on all 3 levels of being: body, soul, and consciousness.

In this free online workshop you will learn:

  • The True Essence & Properties of Fluorite

    These explorations are ancient and are not widely known today.

  • How to Make Fluorite Elixirs...

    ...for releasing genetic, karmic and ancestral programs and beliefs.

  • How to Ally with Stone Medicine... purify degenerative disease, heavy metals, and other toxins.

  • How to Effectively Work with Gold... consolidate, strengthen and rebuild after purification. It's simple!


After exploring the body and soul, we will go beyond, exploring higher states of consciousness,

where form becomes formless.


We can, ultimately, become free. 


You’ll leave the workshop with a solid understanding of how to make fluorite elixirs that create deep purification.


*Live attendees receive the workshop for free!

Sarah's spirit holds the wisdom of the depths of our Earth. Her heart shares the knowledge of countless hours of continued study. Thank you for making this so easy to follow and fun to learn. I want to shout from the mountain tops, 'Sarah Thomas is my teacher!!!'

Kathy Egan, Stone Medicine Practitioner & Founder of The Healing Village

About Your Guide


Sarah Thomas, LAc has worked on the front lines as a soul healer since 2008 at her Asheville clinic, Clarity Acupuncture. In that time, she brought ancient stone medicine back to life, performing over 10,000 acupuncture/ crystal hybrid treatments.


Sarah founded the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine in 2012, and continues to educate healers all over the world at conferences and online trainings on the true potential of healing and awakening with stones.

As our world rapidly changes, heavy metals, pollutants and other toxins are increasing in our air, food, soil and water. We're also being bombarded by new frequency-based detrimental energies like Wifi and a new plethora of digital and nanotechnologies. 


In addition, as we accelerate in our personal awakening processes, our souls are volunteering to clear generations of karma and ancestral programming, right here in our physical form.


Within ALL of this, the truth is - WE ARE FREE! 

Our connection to the Earth is one of the greatest keys in that remembrance. 


Imagine creating your own badass Earth-based purification technologies that keep you and those you love purified and free. 


That's what this workshop will lead to. It starts with a refresher on fluorite.


I hope you will join me.


- Sarah Thomas, LAc


Important Reminder: 

You must attend the live

to receive the workshop for free.


The video replay of the workshop will be available for purchase
after the live event.


When you register to join us LIVE

for the workshop you will also receive INSTANT ACCESS to my e-book:

Making Pearl, Sulfur and Charoite Elixirs for Healing and Higher States



This step-by-step guide will give you a glimpse of the

3 foundational elixir principles you'll be working with in the fluorite workshop AND you'll be able to get started right away with some transformational elixir formulas!


Are you Ready for Deep Purification?


Are you Ready to Learn the Secret Power of Fluorite Elixirs?


Are you Willing to be Free?


Out beyond ideas

of attachment to form,

there is a fluorite field.


I'll meet you there.


FREE* Live Online Workshop

with Sarah Thomas, LAc
of the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine


Wednesday, April 21st at 7pmET / 4pmPT

*Live attendees receive the workshop for free!

This workshop is for everyone who is passionate about learning stone medicine. No previous training, or healing paths required. No invisible boundaries throughout race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or age.

Welcome to all who are remembering.