Experience an   alchemical journey into   the Mysteries of the Earth 

and become one of the most  well-trained stone medicine   practitioners in the world. 












As polarity mounts at the end of a great cycle,

nothing is a guarantee.


You may now be hearing the call

to rely more deeply on yourself,

finally surrender to the authority of your own heart,

and unshakably stand in your own connection with what is Holy.


It's time to focus on the things that keep you awake,

because you know you have something special

 - and you really actually do.


How are you going to cut through the growing distractions

and summon up who you are and what you're here to carry?


What will be the thing that draws out your power?


To access your strength and bring forward your gifts of service,

remember that you're not alone.


You are a part of vast lineages

and you matter inside of them.


Together, we'll summon your ancestors to stand at your back,

to face the challenges ahead together,

and make you more potent and capable than you ever could be alone.


Does this sound like something bigger than choosing a simple

online crystal course?


It is.


This is a chance to commit to a process that will keep you wide awake.

The stones stand ready to reflect to you the one true magical tool:


Enter The Cave

presents you with a rare opportunity to enroll in one of the most transformational stone medicine trainings on Earth.

You'll see through the eyes of an ancient tradition of stone medicine,


and embody a personal alchemical shift in consciousness -  


 all culminating in a sacred process of becoming

a certified stone and crystal medicine practitioner.



"I don’t think I’ve ever felt so held in my life to be who I am. 


Sarah and the stones created such an inviting, non-judgmental space and I really felt encouraged to open to what I am being called to do.


I am creating medicine, and feel I can work with the stones to help me do this.


I feel unstoppable."


Shelby Laframboise

stone and crystal life-long lover

  • Study from centuries-old masters and teachers - the largest body of stone knowledge from any ancient culture - and watch yourself transform into one of the most well-trained stone healers on Earth.


  • Enter the ceremony of the 9-week progression and experience a personal shift that leads to true embodiment of this path. Now, you can walk with more congruence and carry an integrated wisdom of the stones. 


  • Watch your world transform as you weave the poetry of the stones into your healing, rituals, Earthwork, medicines, and your sacred everyday life. Witness your contribution to the world transform!


  • Grab 30 CEUs from NCCAOM while you’re at it! (National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Board in the U.S.)









"This ceremonial progression

held a mirror to my soul.


I felt the stones come alive for me in ways that couldn’t have been revealed without

the depth of this experience.


I was supported in a sacred container allowing

for expansive knowledge, healing, and integration.


Enter The Cave is the class the stones deserve

to be shared through. It reflects Sarah’s high

level of cultivation and gifted nature

as a spiritual teacher."



Jewelry Artist

This ceremonial progression we moved through in this course helped my soul like nothing I have experienced before.


The way Sarah teaches is so full of passion and deep spiritual knowledge and it gave me something

well beyond what I was expecting.

I also now have invaluable insights and information about stones and minerals to help my health, to help others, and the earth.

We so desperately need to connect in to ourselves, and to the earth, and this course does all of that and more.



healer and stonalist

"When I started looking for a class to learn more about the healing properties of stones and was led to this Sarah and this course,


I had no idea that only a few short months later I would find my heart, consciousness and world expanded so immensely! 


So much awakened within me – knowledge, awareness, feelings, senses, dreams. 


I am in awe at the powerful connections I made with myself, the stones, and the circle of cave dwellers."

Violetta Dimitrova,

Building Supervisor and Medicine Woman

"My dreams come true.


I've been waiting most of my life waiting to figure out how to use stones

and this is it."



chinese medicine healer



“Enter the Cave has been a deep & mystical descent into my heart.


A nourishing well-spring of wisdom, knowledge and mystery

that I will come home to over and over again.


I am beyond honored to have had the opportunity to enter into this Mystery School, and with Sarah as our teacher! She is endlessly engaging, her kindness and heart moved me so much, she is funny as hell and seriously a super-sonic encyclopedia of stone knowledge.


Since the Cave, I've stepped into my aligned power, expressing my Dharma,

and started liberating the ancestral pain I've been carrying.

This has been massive for me!"





"This course changed my life in a multitude of ways.


As Sarah said in one of our classes, the most remarkable healing experiences occur when someone truly sees you.


And, to be in a whole community of supportive, talented, incredible people who truly see each other might have even been my favorite part.


Gaining a deeper and more personal connection with the stones was an added bonus of the transformation that came

with this amazing group's collective journey." 








Everything comes together

to give you these practical tools of service:




The Elixir Application: stone medicine we place IN the body.

You'll learn what the word elixir really means, how to make potent stone elixirs, how to make effective formularies, how to dose, important safety instructions, how to make ceremonial elixirs, how to merge elixirs

with other Earth medicines, and more.


The Poultice Application: stone medicine we place ON the body.

You'll learn how to work with jewelry, rubs, salves, the creation of on-the-body treatments and more.


The Vibrational Application: stone medicine we place AROUND the body. You'll learn the dynamics of table-top crystal grids, the potential of large land grids, raising the vibration of space, working with stones as spectrum-based beings, internal alchemy, journey techniques, and more.


Watermelon Tourmaline








A Glimpse at ​the Weekly Ceremonial Progression:

Week 1: Self-Love with Hematite, Sunstone and Rose Quartz


Week 2: Integrity with Mica, Clear Quartz and Obsidian


Week 3: Purification with Serpentine, Smoky Quartz and Green Tourmaline


Week 4: Initiation with Morganite, Moonstone and Emerald


Week 5: Transformation with Sulfur, Kyanite and Malachite


Week 6: Heart/ Kidney Communication with Labradorite, Sugilite, and Aquamarine


Week 7: Resurrection with Opal, Watermelon Tourmaline and Azurite


Week 8:Gathering with Citrine, Rhodocrosite and Garnet


Week 9: Oneness with Ruby, Cinnabar and Jade 

"Any course with Sarah is so much more than a simple transmission of information.


I wasn’t prepared for the profound healing

that would come out of the 9-week progression.

I had the most intense (in a good way) and beautiful ancestral healing/clearing

after building a grid with the week one stones. 


Week one paid for the course – week one.


Truly these shifts are seismic. They are quantum. They are miracles."

Ali Galliot,

Stone Medicine Practitioner and Teacher

"The honesty of the stones is revolutionary to me.


I’ve gained a most valuable vault of tools and practices

that I will never forget and that I will use on a regular basis.


My Grounding and Prayer practices have expanded.

The Pearl Visualization and the Big Dipper Meditation were amazing to me.


I’ve found this intensely awesome and powerful."

Rebecca Steele,


Enter the Cave

is an alchemical dive into the Mysteries of the Earth.


Imagine having tools like this:


- Guidance on simple ancient rituals based in all 3 applications of stone medicine.

You'll be guided in one per week.


- Inner alchemy processes that will become doorways to mystical information for a lifetime:


  • The ancient Big Dipper Visualization Practice
  • The Crystal Cave Shamanic Journey
  • The Holographic Overlay Alchemy Practice


- Ancient Healing Protocols: 

  • The 6 Generations of Ghosts prescription
  • Malachite for the Integration of Trauma
  • Quartz Mirror Work
  • The Daoist Magic Circle
  • and many more


- Experience a ceremonial progression designed long ago to alchemize your consciousness


- Pages of treasured notes on powerhouse stones like mica, ruby, serpentine and so many more


Imagine weaving all this into your practices and your contributions!


In the cave,

my authenticity,

my vulnerability,

and my connection

with the Divine

were rocketed to another dimension.




"This ceremonial   progression completely   changed the way 

 I view myself. 


I now see my own power of manifestion,

and understand that

I am never alone,

or poor,

physically or spiritually. 


I used to be afraid of myself,

and of showing myself to others.


Now that the fear is gone, I'm just full of love, joy, and empowerment.



“Learning the stones

 in this way

touched a core remembrance

of who I am 

beyond labels."




“I’ve collected stones since I was two years old.

But, not until these courses have I had any structure for learning about them or using them therapeutically.

My practice is gently transitioning to include stone medicine.

So far, one morning a week.


What I’m learning about stones from these courses is so exciting!  And the results are unbelievably powerful and wonderful!


Bill Harvey

Certified Advanced Rolfer Inc.  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Instructor

"Through your teaching, I know that all I have to do is tune into spirit, listen, and communicate and I will be shown the way.

I am awakening, and on my own path.


I feel my heart opening, and the changes that come with that.

My relationships are changing and becoming more heart centered. 


I had been looking for teaching about connecting to Mother Earth and helping her heal.

You opened the door and gave me my first tools to explore that, not to mention that I now have a beautiful Materia Medica of 27 amazing stones that I will spend more time with."


Marion Bergan

healer and acupuncturist

These courses are not just another stone or crystal course.


They heal my soul and spirit,

open doorways to know myself better,

and to let go of old baggage and to evolve.


The tuition does not even begin to pay for what I have received from this.


I would have, and have, spent more in other healing sessions

that do not compare."


Josie Beug, DVM

Dr Josie’s 5 Element Animal Wellness and Mollie and Me: Vibrational Elixirs


Here's my promise to you: 

You can immerse yourself at zero risk. 


Over $11,870 in value

plus some priceless connections!

It's time to choose from your heart.


You can give yourself the gift of an extraordinary experience.

Right now, you can enroll now and learn something

that was always meant to awaken your heart.

You can choose to use this knowledge to help others wake up, too. 


(You'll also be smart... taking a training that's not just floating in the wind,

but backed by centuries of ancient lineage and master teachers).


You'll be growing in yourself and growing in service.


Most importantly, you'll be answering the call from within. 


Only goodness comes from that.




you can let the mind reign. You can let doubts and fears take over,

(they're all the mind knows how to create)

and let this pass you by.


You'll have to keep your eye out for other trainings,

but none of them will offer you what's waiting for you here.


In the meantime, you would miss so many chances to learn, grow, connect, listen and serve. You would miss the magic, the synchronicities, and the river of medicine that's flowing for you right now.


These things can never be recreated. And the world doesn't have much time to wait

for the next evolution of you.


What's your choice, dear friend?

Listen within and follow the guidance,

because the boulder will soon be rolled

back over the opening of the cave. 

"Together, we'll gather around the voice of the Earth.


We place in front of us 27 of her precious treasures - stones like garnet, serpentine, opal and mica.

We listen.

We gather the wisdom they hold in their pages.

We let them reflect us in our true nature.

And, then we let them change us.


We look to the community of new friends who have come together for the study.

We listen to the alchemy in each other’s lives.

We listen to the moments of silence together.

We draw from communal moments of illumination and revelation.


We learn slowly to seek questions rather than answers.

We learn that our questions are sacred,

for the Mother Earth gives them to each of us for a reason.


We discover that no one outside of us knows our inner truth.


Together, we set forth on the path of such vast knowledge!

Records stored in stone over generations of people, lands, and their stories.


In the end, we land in paradox.

We are left with the key: All Knowledge is Within.

It's here that the real journey begins. Come and join us."


-Sarah Thomas, LAc


"Since taking Enter the Cave, I feel empowered by the stones in a new way.


I feel their aliveness and strength. I'm calling on them for help and am feeling their responses.


It’s all centered around my communication with myself and being more open to what I feel.


I look forward to using this incredible stone energy to help others in their healing processes." 



Stone Medicine Practitioner


I love the safe space that Sarah created for the students.


Having class being a healing experience and not just an academic experience was a pleasant surprise.


For the exchange I gave, I felt like I was flooded with unique and useful information and experiences."



Enter the Cave graduate



“You made the stones come alive for me!

And, I am so grateful."



artist and intuitive healer



Sarah Thomas, LAc

Founder and Lead instructor at Upper Clarity Stone Medicine

Your student support:

Jessica Sparks-Mussulin

Teacher Assistant and Coordinator of Student Success

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to some important questions.

How are so many different kinds of students getting such transformational results from Enter the Cave?

What happens when I enroll? What's life like in the course?

Will I learn the properties of several stones in this course?

Is this difficult to learn? Will there be too much to memorize? Will I still succeed if I'm new to stones or healing work?

How can I get the 27 stones we will be studying? Any tips on good resources for building my collection?

Can you tell me more details about the stones I will need? Will I need polished or rough, small or large, one or more pieces, etc. etc.?

Can you tell me more details about the certification I receive for completing this training?

What does my certification allow me to do in accordance with my state guidelines? What if I hold other licenses? What if I'm brand new to healing and don't have any previous experience with patients?

Tell me more about the 30 CEUs through NCCAOM. How do I know if these course credits will be approved for me?

How do we get our NCCAOM CEU certificate after we complete the course and how long does the certificate take to get here?

What's the refund policy?

How long do I have to complete this course?

Can I download the video lectures or audio versions to my own devices?

When you have access to the internet, you can always access your course materials through our website. But, what if you want to listen to a lecture while you're on a hike or flying in an airplane? And, what of you want to move off-grid or move to the jungle or the desert?? Or, maybe you simply enjoy a WIFI-free zone. We get that, so YES, you can download these materials to your own devices. We will send you download links as the content is revealed as the weeks progress. You do have to be square with us on your investment plan to start downloading lectures. As soon as we're square, you'll be emailed the download links. (PDFs and other extra materials can be downloaded at any time).

"Enter the Cave changed my life.


The stones became alive in me and I felt like I was remembering

something I had once known and loved. 


I never could have believed that an online course could be so transformative. 


It was a masterfully created environment of love, journeying and wisdom." 



Medical Qi Gong Practitioner



"After Enter the Cave, I can't wait to continue studying with Sarah.


I feel so connected and excited by these teachings! My father first introduced me to the language of the stones, and my warmest freest memories are of being on windswept sagebrush plateaus and in cool mountain canyons learning about them.

I had forgotten this connection as I got older and coming back to it in a deeper way has meant the world to me.


I was able to use mica, obsidian and quartz crystals that I collected with him on some of our old journeys during the course and this just filled my heart over the brim with love." 



lover of stones





"I knew something powerful was happening in the midst of the course, but it was hard to put my finger on.


I knew that I was in the right place, and felt a deep soul connection to your teachings,

the mineral spirits,

and human spirits involved.


Now that I have had a little bit of time to begin to digest the experience, I see the ways in which I am forever changed.


I was given access, like a gift, to a deeper communication with that part of myself which transcends time."



Energy Healer 

“Enter the Cave was truly life-changing."



holistic vet

Plants, stones and everything of the Earth simply reflect you back to you. They reflect your ideas, beliefs, unconscious stories and states of consciousness. Only you can make anything "work." Furthermore, true holistic systems, like ancient Daoist medicine, rely fully on the state of consciousness of the practitioner. Like quantum science, the observer affects the experiment. Therefore, we do not have the ability to, or claim to, change your state or make you an effective healer by guiding you through one singular training. We do not guarantee you will get any results at all, nor the benefits of results, such as better relationships or a growing practice, because those changes are yours alone to claim. We hope you will bring full awareness of you to this field of potential, claiming full responsibility for your states, beliefs, possible perceived failures and also your successes and achievements in healing.

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