Caves are places of initiation and transformation. Might you enter?

Enter the Cave is a 9-week stone and crystal medicine certification course takes you on a journey through 27 stones and hundreds of years of knowledge.

  • You care about ancestors and lineages and you’re eager to study from an ancient tradition
  • You know it’s time to cut through the distractions and summon up who you are. You’re committed to finding the thing that draws out your power
  • You know it’s time to make your daily life and practice match this actualization. When you take the time, your rituals are bubbling with life
  • You hear the call from the land and the stones and you are set on listening
  • You keep committing to what will keep you awake. You commit because you know you have something special. And you actually do

Focused towards the knowledge of the Jade Purity Lineage out of ancient China, this course invites you into deep study of the full materia medica of 27 stones from this tradition.


If you're an herbalist, alchemist, acupuncturist, energy healer, bodyworker, land healer, feng-shui practitioner, ceremonialist, gridoworker, crystal healer, holistic doctor, or everyday medicine-person, this course is for you.


Dates: August 10th – October 5th, 2020

Live online lectures Monday nights from 7:00pm EST – 8:15pm EST

Video and Audio formats of content with lifetime access

Full Materia Medica of 27 stones with several applications

Ongoing Facebook Group with Sarah – 9 weeks of guidance, accountability and community

For our 9-week process, we will experience 3 phases of awakening derived from the ancient Daoist Upper Clarity tradition

Authenticity, Mystery and Shen.


Within those 3 phases, 9 themes in our ceremonial progression arise,

1 each week, building on each other.


Each of these 9 themes uncover the ancient stories of 3 stones.

This ceremonial progression is the alchemical workshop we call

"the cave."

"Any course with Sarah is so much more than a simple transmission of information. I wasn’t prepared for the profound healing that would come out of the 9-week progression. I had the most intense (in a good way) and beautiful ancestral healing/clearing after building a grid with the week one stones. Week one paid for the course – week one. Truly these shifts are seismic. They are quantum. They are miracles."

Ali Galliot,

Stone Medicine Practitioner and Teacher

"The honesty of the stones is revolutionary to me. I’ve gained a most valuable vault of tools and practices. Practices that I will never forget and that I will use on a regular basis. My Grounding and Prayer practices have expanded. The Pearl Visualization and the Big Dipper Meditation I’ve found intensely awesome and powerful."

Rebecca Steele,


Your personal transformation will take place through your daily engagement

with the powerful stone rituals and practices.

You will feel the freedom of being able to merge stone medicine into all of your other work – forever.

You will graduate with the tools to apply stones and crystals to 3 valuable Beings

yourself, others and the Earth.

Materia Medica lectures will introduce you to the rich and poetic properties of each stone according to a true ancient Daoist tradition, and beyond.


Knowledge of the properties leads to practice.

You will be immersed 

in all 3 applications of stone medicine:


1) Elixir    2) Poultice   3) Vibrational



Elixirs - anything we put IN the body. Elixir studies include: what the word elixir really means, how to make potent stone elixirs, how to make effective formularies, how to dose, safety, ceremonial elixirs, how to merge with other Earth medicines and more.


Poultice  - anything we put ON the body. How to work with jewelry, rubs, salves, the creation of on-the-body treatments and more.


Vibrational - anything we put AROUND the body. Vibrational studies include: the dynamics of table-top crystal grids, the potential of large land grids, raising the vibration of space, working with stones as spectrum-based beings, internal alchemy, journey techniques and more.


  • Lifetime access to materia medica videos and audios

  • Lifetime access to transformational audio guided practices

  • Lifetime support in a graduates only Facebook group

  • A certificate of graduation from the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine


  • Lifetime access to materia medica videos and audios

  • Lifetime access to transformational audio guided practices

  • Lifetime support in a graduates only Facebook group

  • A certificate of graduation from the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine

Materia Medica for Enter The Cave



Rose Quartz



Clear Quartz





Smoky Quartz

Green Tourmaline








Watermelon Tourmaline








Sarah Thomas, LAc

Founder and Lead instructor at Upper Clarity Stone Medicine

Sarah is a licensed acupuncturist and owns Clarity Acupuncture in Asheville, North Carolina. Sarah has been steeped in stone and crystal medicine, clinically and academically, for over a decade.

In the cave, you receive:

27 stone materia medica lectures shared nowhere else on earth ($6,480 value)

Over 11 hours of live lectures and coaching with Sarah ($2,125 value)

Stone Medicine Fundamentals secret online course ($297 value)

3 transformational recorded journey meditations ($230 value)

Active and engaged Facebook community
with deep support and lifetime connections (priceless)


Total Value – $9,132

Your Tuition:


Three Payment Options to Choose From:

"When I started looking for a class to learn more about the healing properties of stones and was led to this Sarah and this course, I had no idea that only a few short months later I would find my heart, consciousness and world expanded so immensely! So much awakened within me – knowledge, awareness, feelings, senses, dreams. I am in awe at the powerful connections I made with myself, the stones, and the circle of cave dwellers."

Violetta Dimitrova,

Building Supervisor and Medicine Woman

"I don’t think I’ve ever felt so held in my life to be who I am.  Sarah and the stones created such an inviting, non-judgmental space and I really felt encouraged to open to what I am being called to do. Now that the fear is gone, I’m just full of love, joy, empowerment and excitement.  I am creating medicine, and feel I can work with the stones to help me do this. I feel unstoppable :). I will definitely be returning for Temple of Stone."

Shelby Laframboise,

Crystal Lover!

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Your first payment will be due the day you enroll, to save your seat. The following payments will be automatically drafted out of the payment source the first day of the next two to four months.

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